Multimedia Friday: Videos about the lymphatic system

Since I did a post about lymph nodes yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to post videos about the lymphatic system for multimedia Friday.

This first video is a comes from a Dr Eric Berg. He does a great job of explaining the lymphatic system to those of us without medical degrees. This video is about five and a half minutes.

This next video is just under two minutes and focuses in on what causes lymph nodes to swell.

This next video is actually meant for medical students, but I think it is interesting. In this video an instructor is showing where a doctor checks the head and neck lymph nodes during a medical examination.

Finally here is a video of a doctor examining a kid. The kid happens to have some swollen lymph nodes. It was interesting for me to see this video because the lymph nodes this kid has swollen happens to be the lymph nodes I first noticed to discover I had cancer. The main different between this kids swollen lymph nodes and mine is that my lymph nodes did not have any pain and they were very hard; whereas this kid had some pain in the lymph node and it was squishy.

Bonus video

Here is the old Schoolhouse Rock video called The Body Machine. Hopefully I’m not the only one that remembers and grew up with these great videos. This video really doesn’t have to do with lymph nodes, I just happened to run across it when looking for lymph node videos.

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