The day after the bone marrow biopsy

Yesterday I posted about my bone marrow biopsy experience. It was a long day and I was happy to be done with the whole thing. Since then I have had many blog readers inquire about how I felt the day after the biopsy. I can happily say the day after went really well and I had no apparent bone pain.

I had feared the bone marrow biopsy would leave me feeling hurt for a long time as the bone heals from being pounded into. In the past I’ve had broken bones that hurt for quite a while as they healed. That fear was unfounded in my case. The area where the needles were injected into me are tender. But I did not feel any actual pain in that area. Really the only pain I felt the day after the procedure was in my lower back; and I think that had more to do with laying in uncomfortable positions during the biopsy procedures.

Removing the bandage was also a non-event. My wife and a nurse had noted a blister under the bandage which could have come open while removing the bandage. This didn’t happen. Actually the blister had gotten much small over course of the night.

The wound site itself looked good as well. With the bandage removed there were two distinct holes. Likely each of the two biopsy procedures had used a different hole. There was a little bit of bruising and swelling around the wound sites, but no pain or signs of infection.

Really the only problem I had the day after biopsy surgery was trying to get all the sticky glue stuff off from the heart monitors. I swear that stuff does not come off for anything. Gorilla glue has nothing on the heart monitor goop!

Since the day after the bone marrow biopsy was such a non-event I’ll end this post here. Actually as I write this post, two days after the biopsy, I’m feeling pretty good. Perhaps I’m ready to possibly get some work done on another chapter of a book that I keep procrastinating on.

Mulimedia Friday

Or maybe instead of getting another chapter done in the book I’ll once again get sidetracked by YouTube. Here is a classic Frampton song to explain how I feel today:

And with everything I’ve been through I can’t help but think I’m very lucky and am very grateful for what I have. Queue Joe Walsh:

And finally I don’t really think I would have gotten through all this without my friends and family.

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