Glad I wore the blue mask during chemo

No, I don’t normally blog with the blue mask on.

It has been almost a month since my last round of chemo. I wore the blue mask for a couple of weeks after the final round of chemo just to make sure I didn’t catch anything. At this point I am very glad I had been doing so. Yesterday I was taken down by a stomach flu bug of some type. The though of having this flu bug while on chemo makes me glad I wore the blue mask!

Actually last Halloween I blogged about my decision to wear the blue mask. At the time I felt the extra precaution of wearing the blue mask was worth attention it drew to me in public. During all six rounds of chemo I was pretty clockwork about using the blue mask and carrying hand sanitizer with me when I ventured out in public. Some chemo patients I’ve spoken with feel the blue mask is worthless. They may be right, but I feel comfortable with my decision to wear the mask. Going through a stomach flu like this during chemo would have been horrible, especially during the last few rounds as chemo got harder on my body.

I know some chemo patients struggle with the decision as to whether the blue mask is necessary. Personally I think it was worthwhile for me to wear the mask, especially since the flu and pertussis (whooping cough) have been going around. Yes I’ve heard some chemo patients say they made it through their treatments with no issues after deciding not to use the mask. But I’ve also heard of chemo patients being hospitalized by things such as the flu virus. In the end though it is up to each person to make their own person risk assessment.

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