My story shared by Sanford Health

Eight weeks ago, I allowed a film crew from the Sanford Health marketing department to follow me around for an evening. They then also sat with me for the first part of my maintenance treatment the following morning. This interview is part of Sanford’s “We’re In This Together” series of videos and stories of people like me going through cancer treatments through Sanford.

The story and video they made from this video can be found on the Sanford Health website. There is an excellent picture of my wife and me in the article. I’ve also included the video they made below for anyone to see. 

I have to admit it is peculiar seeing me on video. I’ve always preferred to be behind the camera and not in front of it. But I figure if sharing my story in any way helps someone else, well, then its worth getting out of my comfort zone.

Here is a link to the Facbook post from Sanford Health about my story:

I’m not going to post anymore on this topic today. It’s time for me to get ready for the latest maintenance infusion of Rituximab. I think this infusion will be about the half-way mark for me.

Song of the Day: Kodachrome

Even though this isn’t my regular blog post, I’m still going to do a song of the day. I’ve always loved this Paul Simon song. Since I had to keep posing in front of a camera for the marketing team, I couldn’t help but have this song come to mind.

Bonus Song: A Day In The Life

Somehow I feel my cancer story would have made an interesting addition to this Beatles classic. “I read a blog today, Oh Boy…..”

One thought on “My story shared by Sanford Health

  1. Prayers good news continues. Here is to good news always. Blessings & love & hugs.. Aunt B & Uncle Jr
    PS… thank you for sharing your journey and allowing it to become a learning experience. I am sure many are unaware of all that is involved. Your journey has been a real learning tool.

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