Two years of my cancer experience – thanks for the past and future support

I still remember receiving that phone call from my doctor two years ago. He had called to let me know I had cancer. During that time, I have had many ups and downs, most of which became documented on this blog. And I will continue to document my journey in the future. Even though I am in remission, it does not mean my cancer experience has reached completion. Actually, until they come up with a real cure for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, my cancer story will never end. 

I planned on doing a long post summarizing the last two years. But then I realized that it would be so long that nobody would read it. Instead, I wanted to write a brief post to thank everyone who has been reading my blog and sharing my experience. The emails I get from cancer survivors and family members of a cancer patient have been truly heartwarming. It makes me feel good to know that reading my story has helped others out, even if it is only small ways.

In the future, I plan to continue blogging about my cancer experience. Unfortunately, I have been unable to post any blogs over the past few months (a long story having to do with Facebook and the wrongful accusation of me being a spammer). Over the next few weeks, I will do posts updating everyone about what has happened to me this summer. There have been ups and downs, but I am pleased to say there have been more ups than downs.

PS. I should also mention that I am currently compiling a book of my first two years dealing with cancer. Plus, after I get my teeth fixed (a subject of an upcoming blog), the new cancer podcast will begin. I have found a good cohost and hope to have my teeth fixed in the coming weeks.

Song of the day: Back In The Saddle Again

While I love Aerosmith, this isn’t that song. Instead, I’m going to play Back In the Saddle Again, by Gean Autry. I’ve just always thought this was such a cool song. Plus, it’s an excellent way to welcome myself back to blogging.

Bonus Song: The Last Cowboy Song

Since I’m in a country mood, I thought this classic Ed Bruce song performed by the Highwaymen was in order. This is just a great song. (The fact I finished watching Yellowstone this weekend maybe explains the country music.)