The future of DadAgainstCancer

I’ve had many people ask me if I will stop blogging about cancer now that I am in remission. The simple straightforward answer is no, I am not done blogging. Since I like to ramble on I will use the rest of this post to give a much longer answer as to what I will be doing on this blog.

First and foremost I will continue to document my experiences as a cancer patient. Unfortunately Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cannot currently be cured. For the next two years I will be going through maintenance infusions, bone-marrow injections, and who knows what else. I will also document doctors visits which may or may not be related to my cancer. This includes my second sleep study and dealing with pulmonary issues.

Second, I will expand upon topics covered previously while on chemo. This includes insights from family members as to how they felt about my having cancer. I recently found out my chemo was experience was even harder on family members than I understood. They tried hard to hide their fears and put up with my wild steroid mood swings.

Third, I will be sharing stories of other cancer patients and survivors. In fact just today I came close to completing a deal with a cancer advocacy website to do a series of videos interviewing cancer patients and survivors. I am very excited about this opportunity. Right now it appears the videos will focus on how cancer impacts families, work, and other people around cancer patients. If the videos become popular enough I also hope to start a podcast dealing with the same topics.

Finally, I plan to take requests about blog topics. There are a few blog topics I already have in queue from requests. This includes posts on hair loss, dealing with family while on Prednisone, and learning how to cope with people who think you are already dead due to cancer. If anyone has something they would like me to blog about please feel free to use the contact me portion of the website. If it is a topic I don’t have a lot of personal experience with I will research it or call on an expert. We can all learn something new that way!

I would like to thank everyone who has been religiously reading this blog. Writing this blog has made my personal cancer experience go smoother. I hope it in some way has helped others who have been impacted by cancer.

The Futures So Bright, I Gotta Write Blogs!

I can’t go without a bonus song. Here is a song from the mid-80’s by Timbuk 3. Since being in remission I have had this song pop into my head a few times.

Multimedia Friday – Videos to explain cancer to kids

Its multimedia Friday again. Today I thought I would post a couple of videos to help people explain cancer to kids. I know my kids have had questions about cancer and I think my wife and I have done a fair job of explaining things to them. But I also think using videos such as the ones below can be helpful to supplement talks with kids.

I think this first video is great to explain to kids how some things might change when a family member has cancer.

This next video has some tips for parents about how to talk about cancer with children. The narrator of the video focuses on a couple of different age ranges.

Finally this last video is an animated video to possibly help younger children understand cancer in a visual way.

Bonus Video

This weeks music video is from the Danish Band D-A-D. The lyrics from this song hit home for my cancer diagnosis. Especially the line “I got run over by truth one day”.

Multimedia Friday – Video explaining follicular lymphoma

Cd player

Last Friday I posted a playlist of five songs I found on YouTube to help explain the cancer experience through music. I also had a proud dad moment and posted the video of my middle son marching in his High School band. Going forward I think I will continue to post videos and songs on Fridays.

This week I will post an informational video I found earlier this week. I sent a link of this video to a good friend to help him understand the type of cancer I suffer from. Since he thought it helped him to understand my diagnosis, I hope this video will help others understand follicular lymphoma.

Bonus Video!

I can’t go without posting a song as well. This weeks song reminds me of the brain fog I suffer from. I know Jimmy Hendrix did write this song about cancer. But the opening verse to Purple Haze sure feels like cancer induced brain fog:

Purple haze all in my brain
Lately things don’t seem the same
Actin’ funny, but I don’t know why
‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky